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Inventory Management

Keep track of everything 

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Inventory Management System

Everything you need to track anything

The main responsibility of a laboratory manager is to ensure that everyone in the team can find everything they need to run their experiments. 


Supplies, samples, documents, equipment


all storage locations


Order supplies, services, equipment


Powerful task management


Rapid deployment


Multiple layers of data protection

Track anything

  • Track supplies, chemicals, labware, kits, and any other consumables. 
  • Track equipment big and small. Keep track of calibration data as well as service contracts. 
  • Track samples like bacterial cultures, DNA solutions, oligonucleotides, cell lines, bacterial stocks, media preparations, and anything else your lab produces. 
  • Track documents like versions of standard operating procedures, recurrent training records, and compliance documents. 
  • Use preexisting modules that you can customize to match your lab needs.
  • Develop custom modules to track samples unique to your labs. 

Track it anywhere

  • Manage all your storage locations in one place. From buildings to individual wells in a microplate, you can define all physical locations where you can put anything. 
  • Define structured locations with individual storage positions like a freezer box and unstructured locations like a drawer or a shelf.  
  • Uniquely identify each storage location with barcode and computer-generated location names. 
  • Assign samples, supplies, or equipment to specific storage locations. 
  • Navigate the content of your storage locations. 
  • Automatically assign samples to the next available storage location. 


Track Orders

  • Allow anyone in your team to request anything they need to do their job: supplies, chemicals, equipment, media preparation, cell culture, and more. 
  • Assign the request to a team member who will be responsible for placing the order or fulfilling the request. 
  • Keep track of pending orders and other requests that are in process. 
  • Record purchase order numbers, invoices, and purchase prices all in our locations.

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  • Assign clearly defined tasks to your team members
  • Track your team progress by tracking the status of assigned tasks
  • Define productivity goals at the team and individual levels
  • Monitor your progress over time using customized dashboards



  • Progressively extend the scope of data recorded in GenoFAB. 
  • Use turnkey data management solutions or customize them to fit your specific needs
  • Take advantage of in-app documentation and automated onboarding workflows to accelerate the setup phase. 
  • Import your existing data

rapid deployment


  • Benefit from a redundant cloud infrastructure with daily backups
  • Enforce minimum password complexity and two-factor authentication policies
  • Prevent accidental data deletion by assigning different privileges to different categories of users
  • Consult the log of every record to track changes over time
  • Supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance


Find anything anywhere anytime 

Never lose a sample again

Make sure your labmates can find what they need without asking you. Regain control of your lab inventory by signing up for a free GenoFAB account or scheduling a demo. 

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