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Develop workflows, control workflow execution, and manage and analyze research data using the GenoFAB App.

Extensions add specialized bioinformatics applications to GenoFAB to streamline biofoundry operations.

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Plasmid Certification

Issue and manage digital certificates for your valuable plasmids using the patented GenoDIN technology. Ensure the plasmids integrity and authenticity. Control the distribution of plasmids with your business partners. 



Workflows are delivered as modules that can be added to your GenoFAB account. We have workflows to streamline standard biofoundry operations, including plasmid sequencing, plasmid assembly, plasmid certification, and in vitro testing workflows.

Workflows are also available as contract research services. 



A new generation of expression vectors, iVectors are designed using carefully curated libraries of genetic parts and design rules. Their architecture supports high-throughput assembly of plasmid libraries and rational optimization of gene expression. iVectors are delivered as modules that can be added to your GenoFAB account.


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