GenoFAB provides contract research services to develop custom gene delivery solutions

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Vector Libraries

Design and assemble libraries of sequence-verified gene delivery vectors derived from libraries of genetic parts and design rules. GenoFAB's biofoundry technology can produce large libraries of vector candidates to optimize vector performance rationally.  

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Plasmid Sequencing

Whole plasmid sequencing of existing plasmids or plasmids developed by GenoFAB. GenoFAB sequencing workflow strives to minimize sequencing errors by combining short-read data from Illumina and long-read data from Oxford Nanopore. Short and long reads are analyzed using our hybrid assembly algorithm.  

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In vitro Testing

Test vector libraries in vitro by transfection in cell culture. Measure gene expression using fluorescence microscopy, mass spectrometry, flow cytometry, real-time qPCR, and other assays.

In vitro testing generates large sets of high-quality data suitable for machine learning or artificial intelligence analysis. 


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Plasmid Certification

The GenoFAB Standard Identification Number (GSIN) is a cryptographic technology used to secure the distribution of plasmids encoding gene delivery vectors. Inserting a GSIN digital certificate in the plasmids allows business partners to verify the plasmid's integrity and authenticity and retrieve the plasmid documentation


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Data Analysis

Machine Learning

Statistical analysis your testing data to identify sources of variation. Predictive machine learning models to guide experiment and prioritize plasmids for testing.


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