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Laboratory Information Management System

A suite of laboratory management software tools to manage lab information, improve the efficiency of laboratory processes, and manage research workflows.

Automating Laboratory Information Management

The LIMS your team was waiting for. 

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The GenoFAB Difference

GenoFAB has been designed from the ground up to provide labs with a LIMS solution that every lab member will love. See how GenoFAB gives every lab member the information they need to contribute to the lab's success.

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Integrate lab information management

  • A single system to manage all your laboratory information
  • Define all the electronic records your lab needs to manage
  • Organize your records by defining relations between them
  • Attach any kind of data to your records: DNA sequence, images, SOPs, analytical results
  • Embed any file into your records 

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Barcode your samples

  • Get started quickly using GenoFAB label printing kit if you don’t have a label printing system
  • Use your existing label printer if you have one
  • Use predefined label templates that fit your sample formats
  • Use a broad range of labels types compatible with harsh laboratory environments

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Track your samples and supplies

  • Understand the origins of your samples by tracking all the samples used to produce them
  • Understand how your samples or supplies were used by tracking all the samples derived from them
  • Assign storage locations to your samples and supplies so that you know how to find them at all times.
  • Use a variety of barcode scanners to instantly retrieve the data associated with your samples and supplies

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Increase team productivity and collaboration

  • Assign clearly defined tasks to your team members
  • Track your team progress by tracking the status of assigned tasks
  • Define productivity goals at the team and individual levels
  • Monitor your progress over time using customized dashboards

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Get started quickly

  • Progressively extend the scope of data recorded in GenoFAB. 
  • Use turnkey data management solutions or customize them to fit your specific needs
  • Take advantage of in-app documentation and automated onboarding workflows to accelerate the setup phase. 
  • Import your existing data

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Protect your valuable records

  • Benefit from a redundant cloud infrastructure with daily backups
  • Enforce minimum password complexity and two-factor authentication policies
  • Prevent accidental data deletion by assigning different privileges to different categories of users
  • Consult the log of every record to track changes over time
  • Supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

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Enjoy a boundless experience

  • Add all members of your team to GenoFAB without worrying about the cost of user seats
  • Enjoy all the features of GenoFAB irrespective of the subscription plan you have selected
  • Store as much data as you produce without concerns for data storage limits

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