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Laboratory Information Management System

A suite of laboratory management software tools to manage lab information, improve the efficiency of laboratory processes, and manage research workflows.

Automating Laboratory Information Management

The LIMS your team was waiting for. 

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We're recruiting a limited number of labs interested in getting early access to the GenoFAB Laboratory Information Management System.

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The GenoFAB Difference

GenoFAB has been designed from the ground up to provide labs with a LIMS solution that every lab member will love. See how GenoFAB gives every lab member the information they need to contribute to the lab's success.

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Build-in web-based label printing solution to print barcoded labels for all your samples. Barcode starter kits included all the equipment and supplies necessary to implement a robust sample labeling strategy. Seamless integration of barcode scanning to minimize human errors. 

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Flexible management system to manage all your storage space including ultra-low temperature freezers, cold rooms, incubators, and shelves. Define all locations, track their occupancy, and automate space allocation. 

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Standardized the materials and supplies used throughout your lab. Track the supply quantity and expiration date. Define reordering points to optimize inventory. Let lab members request supplies. Keep track of the procurement process.

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Capture the relations between your samples and your datasets. Retrieve the entire history of your samples. Quickly identify all the samples and data derived from a preparation. Keep track of the state of your sample and data requests. 

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Gamification features that increase lab productivity. Lab members can set their personal productivity goals and track their progress. Lab managers can compare productivity from month to month.  

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A transparent price that reflects the lab activities. All plans include an unlimited number of users so that everyone who needs access can use GenoFAB. All plans include all GenoFAB features so that you can use the tools you need. All plans include unlimited data storage so that you never had to delete anything. 

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