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Laboratory Information Management System

A suite of laboratory management software tools to manage lab information, improve the efficiency of laboratory processes, and manage research workflows.


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Integrate lab information management

  • A single system to manage all your laboratory information
  • Define all the electronic records your lab needs to manage
  • Organize your records by defining relations between them
  • Attach any kind of data to your records: DNA sequence, images, SOPs, analytical results
  • Embed any file into your records 

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Barcode your samples

  • Get started quickly using GenoFAB label printing kit if you don’t have a label printing system
  • Use your existing label printer if you have one
  • Use predefined label templates that fit your sample formats
  • Use a broad range of labels types compatible with harsh laboratory environments

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Track your samples and supplies

  • Understand the origins of your samples by tracking all the samples used to produce them
  • Understand how your samples or supplies were used by tracking all the samples derived from them
  • Assign storage locations to your samples and supplies so that you know how to find them at all times.
  • Use a variety of barcode scanners to instantly retrieve the data associated with your samples and supplies

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Increase team productivity and collaboration

  • Assign clearly defined tasks to your team members
  • Track your team progress by tracking the status of assigned tasks
  • Define productivity goals at the team and individual levels
  • Monitor your progress over time using customized dashboards

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Get started quickly

  • Progressively extend the scope of data recorded in GenoFAB. 
  • Use turnkey data management solutions or customize them to fit your specific needs
  • Take advantage of in-app documentation and automated onboarding workflows to accelerate the setup phase. 
  • Import your existing data

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Protect your valuable records

  • Benefit from a redundant cloud infrastructure with daily backups
  • Enforce minimum password complexity and two-factor authentication policies
  • Prevent accidental data deletion by assigning different privileges to different categories of users
  • Consult the log of every record to track changes over time
  • Supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

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Enjoy a boundless experience

  • Add all members of your team to GenoFAB without worrying about the cost of user seats
  • Enjoy all the features of GenoFAB irrespective of the subscription plan you have selected
  • Store as much data as you produce without concerns for data storage limits

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