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Laboratory Information Management System

A suite of laboratory management software tools to manage lab information, improve the efficiency of laboratory processes, and manage research workflows.

Laboratory Information Management System

Integrate data throughout the project life cycle

GenoFAB’s Automated Laboratory Information Management System is composed of multiple interacting modules.

Sample Tracking: Everything used and produced by the lab is uniquely identified. Barcode technologies are used extensively to avoid ambiguity and support robust procedures designed to minimize errors and maximize reproducibility.

Checklists and SOPs: This module helps standardize operating procedures and provide electronic checklists to control their proper execution.

Inventory Management Systems: This module helps lab personnel manage their inventory of supplies by prioritizing the use of supplies based on their expiration date, automate reordering based on business rules, automatically free some valuable space by discarding items past their expiration date, or automate allocation to storage location.

Reporting: This report automate the generation of custom reports for different stakeholders. Define operational reports, scientific reports that can be used used as Electronic Laboratory Notebooks, and reports for regulatory agencies.

Data files: This module connects your processes to large data files such as sequencing data, imaging data, and other large datasets. Ensuring the integrity of the relation between your laboratory processes, the data they produce, and the data services that analyze them is essential to ensure the reproducibility of your results.

Automation Engine: This module is the backbone of the information system. This engine allows your team to comply with the business rules describing how it wants to execute a project.



GenoFAB’s Automated Laboratory Information Management System gives all project stakeholders the information they need to contribute to the project success. 

Laboratory Personnel: standard operating procedures, to do lists, checklists, and operational reports.

Suppliers: Comprehensive information allowing them to fulfill orders quickly.

Automated Instruments: Experimental designs, programs, and instructions to send their data back to the system. 

Scientists: Scientific reports allowing them to interpret data in real-time. 

Executives: Dashboards allowing them to keep up with progress and costs of individual projects or project portfolios.  


GenoFAB’s process-centric approach to laboratory information management makes it possible to connect all the data related to a project. It avoids common traps resulting from a bottom up approach that leads to data silos that make it challenging to analyze all the data produced by a project. 

The GenoFAB LIMS is customized to fit your processes. It is designed to help you formalize the rules that apply to your operations. It helps your team comply with the rules that define the unique way your run your operation. 

Many LIMS are data-sinks. They require time to capture data and they don’t return much for that effort. The GenoFAB’s Automated LIMS automates most of the data capture operations and provide everyone on your team the information they need to do their job well.