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GenoFAB patent-pending software supports the development of new drugs using an iterative product development process.
It integrates all the steps of a drug research project with the end game in mind
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Every research project starts with the management of a large inventory of supplies, equipment, and samples.

The GenoFAB App allows lab managers to track quantities, locations, and orders of everything their team needs to get the job done. 



The purpose of laboratory work is to produce data. The GenoFAB App helps research teams manage the data they produce.

They can define custom data types, manage data throughout their life cycle from planning to archival, and attach raw data files to meta-data. Every GenoFAB user has access to unlimited cloud storage space. 



The success of a research project depends on the extraction of actionable insights from raw experimental data. The GenoFAB App integrates data analytics steps and experimental steps to support end-to-end R&D processes. 

Research teams can leverage the GenoFAB App's built-in bioinformatics, statistical process control, and machine learning tools. Or they can connect their own scientific computing resources to GenoFAB.  



Orchestrating complex processes is critical to accelerating the development of new drugs or the publication of new research results. The GenoFAB App has been designed to streamline projects from planning to publishing. 

Research teams can leverage GenoFAB patent-pending technology to define workflows, assign tasks to collaborators, and integrate laboratory operations, computational steps, and supply chain transactions. 

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Check out these videos to see the GenoFAB App in action. Learn how to leverage GenoFAB's proprietary technology to streamline your research projects.  Click on the link below to schedule to a live demonstration. 


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