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It’s time to automate your laboratory information.

Getting meaningful results fast is more important than ever. Yet many labs struggle with disorganized data and a lack of team cohesion, making generating discoveries difficult.


Have you ever wished you could:


Stop wasting time and effort.

GenoFAB has been built from the ground up to ensure that your lab’s mission-critical information is captured, organized, and accessible to everyone in your lab, so that your work makes more of an impact more quickly than ever before.
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Here's what you can do with GenoFAB.

Integrate all of your data into one place.
Manage data files, compliance data, data produced by software, and physical sample data. Understand where records come from and how they've been used.

Barcode your samples seamlessly.
Stop losing track of your samples. GenoFAB includes turnkey barcode templates that can be easily printed and link sample data seamlessly, so you stay organized.

Stop letting limits hold you back.
Other LIMS put you in a box. GenoFAB offers as many users, as much storage, and all of the features you want completely included – no matter what plan you choose.



Data Integration

Get all your data in one place.

Sample Tracking

Track your samples through their entire life cycles.

Rapid Deployment

Implement the solution in days.

Barcode Creation

Get a built-in barcoding solution to print and scan labels in seconds.

Productivity Management

Plan and execute your lab’s tasks.

Strong Cybersecurity

Get multiple layers of data protection.

Get an affordable solution that will save you money.

A LIMS doesn’t have to be a cost-center. GenoFAB is a money-saver. Our platform reduces costly errors and adds up to savings over time.

  • Avoid ordering reagents multiple times because team members cannot find them.
  • Avoid experiment failure resulting from lack of standardization.
  • Avoid having to repeat experiments because data was poorly organized.
  • Avoid wasting money by having overqualified employees perform tasks they cannot delegate.


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Our no-subscription price structure saves money by reflecting your lab needs. 

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Are you ready to give your team the LIMS they’ve been waiting for?

GenoFAB will help your lab to organize your work, allowing you to more effectively meet deadlines, increase your productivity, and get meaningful results faster.

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