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Most laboratory information systems passively wait for laboratory personnel to enter data after their lab work has been completed.

GenoFAB tells every member of the team what needs to be done and how to do it.

Producing more data leads to larger sample sizes.  Large samples support stronger conclusions. 

Producing better data means increasing reproducibility. Smaller statistical errors support stronger conclusions. 

In order to produce more and better data, it is necessary to produce them faster and cheaper


Make more scientific discoveries

Reviewers and patent examiners want to make sure that discoveries are more than anorectal observations. Their reproducibility should be supported by large bodies of quality data that support a compelling analysis. 


Develop more and better products

New product developments require evaluating the performance of new designs early and rigorously. Analyze the relations between functional data to rationally improve product performance. 


Organize your data

Organize your data to make them easy to use by your team while being friendly to analytics software.

If your data structure captures your processes and domain expertise, it will be more valuable. 

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Your project is not a collection of separate experiments that can be managed in separate data silos.

Capture key relationships between different datasets to test biological hypotheses or better understand how product design impacts its performance. 

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Your project is not a collection of separate experiments that can be performed in isolation

Capture key relationships between different datasets throughout the project life cycle to automate your laboratory processes.


Deploy Quickly

Choose among a rapidly growing library of apps corresponding to your lab activities. Customize existing apps to better reflect your lab's unique processes.   Connect the data managed by different apps. Request a new app or develop it yourself. 


Iterate Fast

Many projects benefit from adopting a data-driven process. Proceed through rapid iterations by connecting the design, build, test, and analysis phases of your project. 

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Design Build Test Learn

  • Integrate all your data through your entire project life cycle.
  • Integrate laboratory work and computational work
  • Make discoveries by revealing unexpected relationships
  • Rationally improve product and process performance


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