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Lab Management System

Save time and money by managing your inventory, tracking your samples, and running your lab ops using GenoFAB. 

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Your laboratory cockpit

GenoFAB is the place you go to control your laboratory operations. It provides you with all the information that lab managers, lab personnel, and their executive team need to run a lean laboratory that reduces waste and increases throughput.

Inventory Management

Everyone knows what supplies and equipment are available to do their job. Avoid duplicate orders and streamline the ordering of essential supplies. 

Sample Tracking

Keep track of your valuable research samples. Customize the data you need to describe them. Identify them with barcoded labels that anyone can read or scan. 


Manage storage

Map all your storage areas from room to individual wells in microplates. Identify storage locations with barcoded labels. Monitor temperature with IoT sensors.  

Manage data

Attach raw data files produced by instruments to your lab notebook entries. Visualize PDF, GenBank, and FASTA files from within the app. Export, import, query data. 

Lab Ops

  • Inventory management
  • Custom sample types
  • Computer-generated sample identifiers
  • Track sample quantity and locations
  • Manage storage locations
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Streamline ordering processes
  • Track equipment location, maintenance, and calibration
  • Manage Standard Operation Procedures




  • Print barcoded labels from any web browser
  • Compatible with demanding environments (cryogenic, autoclave, chemical exposures)
  • Compatible with demanding formats (microplates, PCR tubes, cryogenic vials)
  • Standardize labels with custom templates
  • Use barcode scanners to retrieve information





  • Custom data types defined by combining specialized field types
  • Electronic lab notebook linked to experimental data. 
  • File attachments up to 100 GB and up to 10 TB of data storage
  • Import and export data using standard file formats


  • Guest access for external stakeholders like collaborators and clients to streamline collaborations. 
  • Any team member can place requests for internal tasks like order, media preps,  culture propagation, or sample analysis
  • Task life cycle management from request to data delivery through assignment and execution. 

Supercharge your lab

Labs running on GenoFAB have an unfair competitive advantage.

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Labs powered by GenoFAB
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Who else hates #printers I spent ~3 hrs setting up our label printer and scanner. So worth it! I'm excited! Thanks @GenoFAB_Inc for our awesome LIMS. Never again digging through the -80 or liquid nitrogen for samples.
Dequina Nicholas
Assistant Professor
Zouggari Ben El Khyat
I have worked extensively with several CMMS and I have to say that this LIMS has surpassed all my expectations. It is extremely user-friendly, very intuitive, and highly customizable to our needs. Thank you for solving our issue so fast.
Chaymaa Zouggari Ben El Khyat
Graduate Student

You have a great team!

Give them the tool they need to have an exceptional experience working in your lab. Laboratory staff loves well-managed labs. Give your team access to GenoFAB and soon they will tell everyone they know how much they like working in your lab. 

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