GenoFAB transforms the development of genetic medicines.


GenoFAB's biofoundry services integrate engineering and data science to develop custom gene delivery solutions that meet your project's unique requirements.


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GenoFAB's 'data first' philosophy is more than a belief. It's a strategic approach that underlines the importance of data as a foundational element in the decision-making, development, and operations of R&D projects. This core principle is designed to maximize shareholder value by supporting strong patent claims while ensuring freedom to operate.

Biofoundry-enabled R&D

The Power of Performance. Unified. Configured. Optimized.

Our biofoundry is the critical infrastructure that supports our contract research services. It combines data science and automation to enable rapid prototyping of gene delivery solutions. GenoFAB Biofoundry Operating System enhances collaboration and accelerates the design, production, and preclinical testing of new genetic medicines.

Nobody else does it the GenoFAB way. A faster, more streamlined drug development process bolsters your Return on Investment in R&D by intensely reducing time to market and securing a defendable intellectual property position. 

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Proprietary lab operating system



Specialized tools for lab work



Defined rules for lab operations



Skilled talent managing R&D

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Today, we are bringing the next generation of gene delivery systems to your project so you can deliver life-saving genes to patients tomorrow.

An Industry in Dire Need of Change

GenoFAB recognizes that combining automation and data science is key to improving the reproducibility of drug development programs.


Annual U.S. Spending on Non-Reproducible
Preclinical Research

Low reproducibility rates within life science research undermine cumulative knowledge production and contribute to both delays and costs of therapeutic drug development. An analysis of past studies indicates that the cumulative (total) prevalence of irreproducible preclinical research exceeds 50%, resulting in approximately US $28,000,000,000 (US$28B) per year spent on preclinical research that is not reproducible — in the United States alone.

Source: PLOS: The Economics of Reproducibility in Preclinical Research

70%+ Failure

More than 70% of researchers have tried and failed to reproduce another scientist's experiments, and more than half have failed to reproduce their own experiments. 

Source: Nature: More Than 1,500 Scientist Lift The Lid On Reproducibility

Why GenoFAB? Why Now?

Simply, because the pharmaceutical industry is facing an existential productivity crisis. 

Our technologies challenge the status quo.

Specifically, the ROI of pharmaceutical R&D investment is predicted to become negative after 2026 if the industry does not change its approach to drug development.

Source: Deloitte: Measuring The Return From Pharmaceutical Innovation

We make it faster.

Because if you’re not first,

you’re last.

When it comes to intellectual property, time is of the essence. There is no consolation prize for being the second to file a patent application. By partnering with GenoFAB to design, build, and execute your drug development program, you will accelerate the production of reproducible data that will support stronger patent applications.

You need speed.

You need robust evidence.

Our technologies deliver just that.

It takes a village to save a life

GenoFAB was founded to mitigate the technical and human risks of developing genetic medicines. We know how to engineer gene delivery systems. It's our expertise. 

Your expertise allows you to select the genes that must be delivered to patients and evaluate the gene effects on patient health.  

You need an engineering partner.

We need a clinical partner.

Together, we can save lives. 


Let’s give patients the medicines they are waiting for!

Schedule a 30-minute call to evaluate opportunities to collaborate. 

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