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Modular Biofoundries

We build and operate laboratories optimized to support R&D processes. 

Developing a process in an existing lab often feels like fitting a square peg in a round hole.

GenoFAB designs, builds, and operates stand-alone laboratories around your R&D processes. 


Biofoundry concept


Get a biofoundry


Foundry building blocks


What is a biofoundry?

A new generation of data-driven laboratories

Traditional laboratories were data-producing facilities that fed data analysis pipelines in a linear discovery process. 

Biofoundries are facilities that integrate computational and experimental processes to support an iterative product development cycle.  


How to get your biofoundry?

Understand how GenoFAB can provide the biofoundry your organization needs. 

Using validated modules, we deliver and support customized facilities optimized to support your R&D workflows. 


Biofoundry Components

Improving laboratory operations to increase the productivity of a laboratory requires a holistic approach. Biofoundries are designed with a holistic. They consider all the components of a data production system to identify bottlenecks, increase throughput, and ensure data reproducibility. 

Lab Space

Laboratory space is built around the process they serve. No need to dedicate premium laboratory space to data production. We provide laboratories that can be installed in industrial spaces or even outdoors. 

Labs are delivered in modular building blocks that can be assembled on-site or shipped already configured. 



Instruments and other laboratory equipment are carefully selected for integration into the workflows they serve.

Instruments and equipment are strategically positioned in the lab space to minimize footprint and increase productivity. 



Comprehensive sets of standard operating procedures are delivered in software. They combine manual operations, automated protocols, and computational steps.

The process's hierarchical structure makes them easy to maintain and improve.



Let us run your data production processes so that your scientists can use their expertise to interpret experimental results and design their next experiments.  

Management services may include staffing, training, supervision, procurement of critical supplies, facility maintenance, and compliance with applicable health and safety regulations.  




GenoFAB patent-pending and award-winning data-flow technology run data production processes.

Data are processed in real-time to provide scientists with actionable information they can use to plan their next data collection campaign. 


No prize for second place

When it comes to filing patent applications, submitting manuscripts, or making discoveries, prizes go to the teams who come first. 

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