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Why GenoFAB?

Because the pharma industry needs a novel approach to managing research and development.  


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We believe

that drugs should be developed, not discovered

Drug discovery leaves too much to chance. This model of research and development has outlived its usefulness. New drugs are complex products that need to be developed using processes similar to the ones used in other industries. 


We believe

that better data support better R&D

Drug development programs need more and better data. They need insights to guide rapid iterations leading to better products and stronger patents. 


Large sets of quality data can provide insights to support drug development decisions. 


Faster iterations of data collections processes increase process efficiency. 


More efficient product development processes lead to ground breaking products. 


More and better data leads to stronger intellectual property claims. 


Unleashing the power of data

GenoFAB collects better data that provide greater insights

See how GenoFAB is transforming the R&D process to produce more information-rich data. 

Traditional R&D

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Poorly design products are difficult to optimize. 
Rule-based design strategies naturally leads to optimization


Data management and analytics are an afterthought.
Critical information is lost when data is siloed across the development cycle.
Designs experiments with analytics in mind.
Integrates data collected across the entire development cycle.


Linear sample-driven discovery process leading to random outcomes.   
Iterative, model-driven process supporting a rational improvement of product performance. 

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