Patnership Application


We are looking for two categories of partners.

  1. Companies with products adding value to GenoFAB. These are products that use the data our users manage in GenoFAB. Laboratory labels, label printers, and barcode scanners are examples of products in this category. 
  2. Companies with products that require a robust data management solution. These products produce data that users need to manage properly to use the product successfully. Examples of products in this category are high-throughput instruments producing large volumes of data or kits with complex workflows. 

Type of Partnerships

  • Reselling agreement: We sell your products to our users by embedding them in the GenoFAB App and including them in our online store
  • Software developer agreement: If you provide software solutions that complement GenoFAB functionality, we are interested in evaluating how to connect our respective software platforms to provide more value to our users. 

Working Together

Tell us about your products.

Do you have an established partnership program?