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Biofoundry services

We produce the data you need so that you can focus on interpreting them. 


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Producing the data you need

You know what data your project needs. 

We produce these data so that you can focus on interpreting them.


Develop custom data production processes


Supervise every aspect of data production


Provide people to collect your data.


Manage your data production supply chain.

Process Development

We develop data production processes customized to meet your project's objectives.

Processes are developed by writing scripts that control laboratory operations to produce new data using well-established chemistries. 



We provide a qualified facility manager familiar with the GenoFAB platform. 

The manager is responsible for the facility's operation, including hiring, training, and managing personnel, The manager is also responsible for managing the procurement of supplies, the maintenance of equipment, and compliance with health and safety regulations. 



We provide laboratory personnel to execute your data production processes. 

A shortage of qualified laboratory personnel can derail project execution. 

GenoFAB can rapidly qualify new hires to operate different stations of the data production processes. 


Supply Chain

We can provide the supplies necessary to execute your data production processes in a timely fashion. 

Procurement of critical supplies and the complexity of the life science supply chains can add friction to the execution of time-critical processes. 

GenoFAB has developed lean inventory management strategies and a deep understanding of the materials and supplies supply chain that allow us to minimize the risks of operational disruptions. 


Let GenoFAB Manage your Processes

Get started today

Let GenoFAB produce the data you need to drive your product development. 

Today data production is a manufacturing specialty distinct from the scientific expertise needed to design experiments and interpret their results.