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Our partnership model

Understand how we can help your organization

Resources, contracts, levels of engagement


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We are partners

We create partnerships from day one

We strive to earn your trust and build strategic partnerships. Our progressive engagement model allows everyone to assess the value of the relationships. We are an integral part of the research team.  


We provide a lab

a system composed of resources working together

A laboratory is a complex system composed of people, equipment, processes, software, and facilities working together toward a common goal: your project success


Software is the operating system of our labs.


We select equipment with processes in mind.


We qualify our lab crews before they produce data


We build modular facilities around our processes.


All-inclusive contract

One contract includes all your project costs

Our contracts are designed to help our partners budget their projects over months or years. 

What's included?

A partnership contract includes fixed and variable costs. Fixed costs correspond to the resources allocated to the project including personnel, equipment, and facilities. Variable costs correspond to material and supplies used by lab operations. 

What's the payment structure?

Fixed periodic payments during the course of the contract. Unused variable expenses are reimbursed at the end of the contract. Options to upgrade the engagement or terminate early available. 


Progressive Levels of Engagement

to build lasting partnerships

Different levels of engagement to extend the scope of our partnerships over time. 

pilot project

Pilot project


For experiencing the power of data analytics.


Shared Lab


To collect proof of concept data.


Virtual lab


For individual time-sensitive projects.


Dedicated lab


For multiple time-sensitive projects.


We like to partner with

companies • universities • governments 


Early-stage companies

Finding their way

Drug development companies who do not want to waste time developing a new lab but want to better control their R&D processes. 


Late stage companies

Being more nimble.

Clinical-stage companies who need to streamline the transition to clinical research or increase the size of their preclinical pipeline. 


Pharma Companies

Bolstering their IP

Mature companies who need to transform their R&D processes without diluting their intellectual property position. 



Core facilities

Universities who need dedicated technical resources but lack resources to manage them. 



Working for the public good

Agencies wishing to operate laboratories on their facilities with the highest levels of security.

Need a partner?

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