LIMS/ELN Onboarding

Make your GenoFAB transition a success. 

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GenoFAB Onboarding Package

Streamlining your GenoFAB adoption process

Adopting a new laboratory information management system can be challenging. 

It requires geting familiar with the software features, configuring it so that it fits the lab operations, and importing legacy data. 

The GenoFAB onboarding package has been designed to facilitate your migration to your new lab information system. It provides all the support and resources you need for a successful onboarding of your lab operations.

In less than a month, you will see a positive return on your investment in GenoFAB. Your lab productivity will increase. Your team will save time and money by better managing inventory and workflows. 

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What's included?


Barcoding Starter Kit

The kit includes everything needed to start leveraging the power of barcode technologies to track your lab inventory and precious samples. 

The kit's elements have been carefully reviewed, evaluated, and tested for compatibility with the GenoFAB Laboratory Information Management Software. 

The kit includes a GoDEX 330 Thermal Transfer Printer with 300 dpi resolution, a Code CR1500 2D barcode scanner with its stand,  1 roll of 4.5" resin ribbon compatible with the printer, and 6 rolls of carefully selected labels compatible with common sample formats and applications including cryogenic storage, PCR tubes, microtiter plates, and autoclavable supplies.  

Meeting 1: Overview of your new GenoFAB account

This first meeting takes place right after your account was created. 

  • Introduction to the GenoFAB standard modules. 
  • Define storage locations. 
  • Connect the label printer
  • Identify legacy data that need to be imported
  • Discuss a custom workflow you'd like us to develop as part of the onboarding process.  
  • Review of GenoFAB education resources you can leverage to support your adoption process. 
Meeting 2: Analyze first impressions and set the path forward 

This second meeting typically takes three weeks after the first meeting. 

  • Review imported data
  • Present the custom workflow
  • Analyze the challenges faced during the first weeks of GenoFAB usage. 
  • Develop plans to use GenoFAB to achieve the lab's strategic goals. 


It typically takes 2 to 4 weeks to transition to GenoFAB. Our experts will guide you through this process. 


Our Promise

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the GenoFAB Onboarding Program. 

If at any point during the process, you come to the conclusion that GenoFAB will not meet your needs, you can return the barcoding starter kit and we will refund the cost of the onboarding program after deducting a restocking fee. 

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