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LIMS/ELN Configuration

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GenoFAB Onboarding Program

Making your GenoFAB migration a success



We help new GenoFAB users make the most of GenoFAB through a series of four weekly meetings with one of our experts. Each meeting takes place over Zoom. They last between 1 and 2 hours each depending on the lab size. 

The successful deployment of GenoFAB in your organization requires a thorough analysis of your lab's current operations, your existing data, and your data management objectives. 


Week 1
  • Review current lab management system
  • Identify data that need to be imported
  • Outline the GenoFAB deployment process
  • Configure the supplies
  • Define storage locations
Week 2
  • Address pending issues with supplies and storage
  • Connect label printer
  • Define label templates
  • Configure the equipment management module
  • Configure the Electronic Lab Notebook module (if applicable)
  • Configure the Standard Operating Procedure module
  • Review data import progress
Week 3
  • Review pending issues with previously configured modules
  • Configure advanced modules as required (PCR, Sequencing, cell cultures, animal colonies)
  • Configure workflows
Week 4
  • Review pending issues with previously configured modules.
  • Configure advanced modules as required (PCR, Sequencing, cell cultures, animal colonies)
  • Estimate GenoFAB annual budgets.


While every lab needs are different, the configuration of a new GenoFAB account typically follows this schedule.

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What's included?

  • 4 sessions with a GenoFAB expert to configure your account
  • Import legacy data into GenoFAB
  • Credits to create 1,000 new records

Our Promise

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on the GenoFAB Onboarding Program. 

If at any point during the process, you come to the conclusion that GenoFAB will not meet your needs, we will close your account and refund the entire cost of the onboarding program. 

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