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Increase throughput and data quality

Save time and money

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Your Productivity System


Discoveries impact

Patent applications

Product performance



Labor costs

Operational expenses



More data

Increase throughputs

Better Data

Increase reproducibility

More results

Increase statistical power

Save Time

Proactively manage your workflows

Save Money

Eliminate waste everywhere

More data

  • Simplify your data collection processes by standardizing your operations. 
  • Integrate manual laboratory processes and computer-controlled instruments. 
  • Remove frictions in collaborations by giving your collaborators and services providers the data they need to do their job. 

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Better data

  • Improve the reproducibility of your processes through standardization. 
  • Measure process reproducibility by comparing multiple repetitions of the exact same operations. 
  • Used document controls and data analytics to rationally improve your process performance. 

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More results

  • Increase the statistical power of your experiments by producing more data points and reducing experimental errors. 
  • Increased statistical power is the difference between strong scientific results and anecdotal observations. 
  • Strong scientific results lead to stronger patent applications, higher impact publications, and accelerated development of better-performing products.

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Save time

  • Let everyone on the team know how they can best contribute their time and talent to the team's success. 
  • Use the lab's dashboard to keep track of the work in process, the to-do list, and the list of backlogged requests.
  • Avoid time wasted reinventing the wheel by standardizing your processes and communicating them to the entire team.   

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Save Money

  • Break down your processes into simpler operations that can be performed by less qualified employees. 
  • Better manage your inventory to streamline your ordering processes, use supplies by their expiration date, and better track your equipment and other assets. 
  • Eliminate rework by improving process stability and sample tracking strategies. 

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