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Laboratory Information Management System...

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  • Define a custom catalog of laboratory samples, supplies, reagents, cell lines, and any other physical objects used in your lab.
  • Map all your storage locations from wells in microplates all the way to labs or buildings.
  • Control documents like versions of your Standard Operating Procedures
  • Structured data can be exported for machine learning and processing in the analytics tool of your choice. 
  • Powerful data migration assistant that can import any legacy data. 
  • Forster teamwork by managing the entire life cycle of all laboratory operation tasks. 
  • Computer-generated identifiers for samples, storage locations, and anything else tracked in GenoFAB. 
  • Organize notebooks around projects and objectives. 
  • Structure notebooks entries around objectives, detailed descriptions of experiments, and conclusions. 
  • Rich-text editing using a familiar user interface. 
  • Build robust hyperlinks to LIMS data and versions of protocols followed to produce data
  • Link entries to capture sequences of experiments. 
  • Attach any kind of files to your lab notebook entries. 
  • Build-in viewers of pdf, images, and GenBank files.  

Electronic Laboratory Notebook...

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Barcoding System...

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  • Web-based label printing. Print laboratory labels from mobile devices, from your office, or from your home. 
  • Print labels for any support and any formats. Cryogenic labels, autoclavable labels, or labels resistant to solvents and other chemicals. Print labels for microtubes, microplates, PCR tubes, straws, microscopy slides. 
  • Powerful label template system to standardize labeling practices across your entire lab. 
  • Connect 2D barcode scanners through USB or Bluetooth links to Windows and Apple computers, desktops and laptops, and mobile devices. 
  • Barcode aware application that always monitors the barcode scanner irrespective of the cursor position
  • Scan samples, supplies, equipment, or storage containers. 
  • Compatible with Direct Part Marking and other DataMatrix codes etched in storage containers or animal tags. 

Iterate fast

Adopt data-driven processes.
Connect the design, build, test, and analysis phases of your project. 
  • Integrate all your data through your entire project life cycle.
  • Integrate laboratory work and computational work
  • Make discoveries by revealing unexpected relationships
  • Rationally improve product and process performance

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