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LIMS, ELN, Label Printing, Barcoding, Monitoring

An integrated platform to increase laboratory productivity

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Laboratory Management

  • Manage your inventory of supplies
  • Manage your inventory of equipment
  • Manage orders and keep track of procurement processes. 
  • Manage all your storage locations from rooms to individual wells in microplates. 
  • Track any laboratory samples
  • Manage Standard Operating Procedures
  • Web-based printing solution.
  • Print labels in your labs from your office, your mobile device, or from home.
  • High-performance label printer (300 dpi, thermal transfer)
  • Rich selection of labels that are compatible with the most challenging applications. 
  • Online label template editor. 
  • Labels include unique barcodes and sample names.
  • Use labels to identify supplies, chemicals, equipment, or storage locations.  
  • Compatible with Windows, Apple, Linux, and mobile systems. 
  • No subscription is required. 

Label printing


Barcode Scanning

  • High-performance 2D barcode scanners that can handle the smallest barcodes in challenging environments. 
  • Choice of wired and wireless imagers. 
  • Barcode aware application that always monitors the barcode scanner irrespective of the cursor position
  • Use barcodes to retrieve information about supplies, samples, or storage locations. 
  • Compatible with secondary barcodes like Direct Part Marking and other DataMatrix codes etched in storage containers or animal tags. 
  • Monitor the temperature of your freezers, liquid nitrogen storage, refrigerators, incubators, ovens, or greenhouses to make sure your supplies, reagents, and samples are safe. 
  • Define an acceptable temperature range for all of your sensors. 
  •  Get notified in real-time if the temperature gets out of the acceptable range. 
  • Get notified if the sensor goes offline. 
  • Analyze the evolution of temperature over days, weeks, or years.  

Environment Monitoring


Data Management

  • Attach data files produced by instruments to your sample records to keep track of your data origin. 
  • Large cloud storage resources are compatible with the most demanding applications (sequencing, mass spectrometry).
  • Store large files (up to 100GB) 
  • Access up to 10 TB of total storage. 
  • In browser visualization of bioinformatics files (GenBank, FASTA)
  • In browser visualization of pdf files. 
  • No data storage fee or subscription necessary. 
  • Organize notebooks around projects and objectives. 
  • Structure notebooks entries around objectives, detailed descriptions of experiments, and conclusions. 
  • Rich-text editing using a familiar user interface. 
  • Build robust hyperlinks to LIMS data and versions of protocols followed to produce data
  • Link entries to capture sequences of experiments. 
  • Attach any kind of files to your lab notebook entries. 
  • Build-in viewers of pdf, images, and GenBank files.  

Laboratory Notebooks

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