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Acceleration Engine

All plans include three types of resources contributing to project acceleration: facilities, data, and people. Each of these resources can be accessed on a fractional or dedicated basis. 

Shared Lab Virtual Lab Dedicated Lab
Standard Processes
Your project can use preexisting processes that apply to a broad range of projects.
Custom Processes
We can develop custom processes to meet your project unique needs.
Standard Assays
Your project can only use commonly used assays.
Custom Assays
We can develop custom functional assays to meet your project unique needs.
Standard Instruments
Your project can access standard instruments already available in the facility
Special Instruments
Your project can use instruments specialized purchased for your project.
The lab used to execute your project can either be remote or installed on your premises.
On site
Reserved Capacity
Your project can be executed on available capacity on a first come first basis or you can reserve capacity for your project.
Data Management
Use GenoFAB proprietary software to manage your project data.
Data Query
Select and export data from GenoFAB software.
Statistical analysis of your project data.
Development of machine learning models to make predictions.
Fractional Scientist
Your project is managed by an experienced scientist working with multiple clients.
Dedicated Scientist
An experienced scientist is entirely focused on managing your project.
Fractional Lab Crew
Your project are performed by a team of laboratory personnel serving multiple clients.
Dedicated Lab Crew
Your projects are executed by a dedicated team. You can meet and vet them prior to engagement.
BYO Tech
Bring your laboratory technician. Your staff can work on your project.

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