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Rapid access to capacity at a fraction of the cost of a traditional laboratory. 

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Your Productivity System

The GenoFAB biofoundries increase the return on the R&D investment by adopting industrial methods to the production of your research data. 

Save Time

Proactively manage your workflows

Save Money

Eliminate waste everywhere


Keep research projects in-house. 

More data

Increase throughputs

Better Data

Increase reproducibility

More results

Increase statistical power

Save time

  • We deliver new laboratories faster than it is possible to remodel existing labs or build new ones. 
  • We give you immediate access to validated processes and qualified personnel so that you don't have to spend time building capacity. 
  • By integrating data production and data analysis we allow your team to manage projects in real-time 


Save Money

  • No need to build or use premium laboratory space to produce data. Data production resources can be installed in a warehouse or even outdoors. 
  • Streamline the inventory of supplies and equipment needed to produce research data. 
  • Reduce the cost of data points through standardization and economies of scale. 
  • Eliminate rework by improving process stability and sample tracking strategies. 



  • Keep your research and development effort in-house. 
  • Avoid strategic partnerships that dilute your intellectual property. 
  • Control where your data is stored. Chose between local data storage, private cloud, or public cloud. 
  • Run highly-sensitive projects in an air-gapped environment. 

More data

  • Increase your data collection throughput by standardizing your operations. 
  • Integrate manual and computer-controlled operations. 
  • Remove friction in collaborations by giving your collaborators and service providers the data they need to do their job. 


Better data

  • We improve the reproducibility of your processes through standardization. 
  • We measure process reproducibility by comparing multiple repetitions of the same operations. 
  • We rely on data analytics to rationally improve your process performance. 


More results

  • We increase the statistical power of your experiments by producing more data points and reducing experimental errors. 
  • We deliver strong scientific results derived from large data sets instead of anecdotal observations of a few samples. 
  • Strong scientific results lead to stronger patent applications, higher impact publications, and accelerated development of better-performing products.



  • Discoveries impact
  • Patent applications
  • Product performance
  • Project velocity


  • Labor costs
  • Operational expenses
  • Wastes
  • Friction


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