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Academic Partnership

Are you working in a university lab and do you want to use GenoFAB?

Apply to use GenoFAB for free. 

How can GenoFAB help your lab?

How does the program work?

As an academic lab, you automatically get a 50% discount over GenoFAB standard prices.

In addition, if you display the GenoFAB academic partner badge on your site, you get 1,000 free credits. Experience proves that this is sufficient to allow a small group to operate for a year. 

If you get grants, you can purchase additional credits corresponding to the number of records you expect the project to produce over a year. 

1. Sign up for GenoFAB - it's free

2. Submit this application

3. Link your site to GenoFAB

4. Tell us the link is active

5. Get 1,200 credits for free annually 

6. Get 50% discounts on additional credits


Link your Site To GenoFAB

Copy the code below and paste it in the HTML of one your site pages to display the badge like this:


<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src=""
alt="GenoFAB Academic Partner" width="195" height="58">