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About GenoFAB

Helping science organizations produce more and better data to solve the world's most pressing problems faster than ever. 


It's a process, not an accident

Today, biotech companies can no longer rely on accidental discovery to develop breakthrough products. We help research organizations drive their product development efforts by putting in place well-orchestrated processes that generate large amounts of quality data.


GenoFAB is a cloud computing company that provides an all-in-one platform for laboratories in biotechnology and life sciences. We help teams of scientists, engineers, and laboratory managers who have to produce more and better data faster than ever before using existing resources. To do this, we offer a suite of software tools that are designed to increase the efficiency and reproducibility of each research operation.




Our platform helps our clients become data-driven organizations by capturing all the data associated with their laboratory processes. We help them capture data produced in their labs but also data produced by computational steps and supply chain transactions.

Our proprietary technology makes it possible to produce more informative datasets by increasing process reproducibility.

Our approach minimizes the risk of errors, reduces costs, increases throughputs, and allows teams to collect more and better data with their existing budget.

Our blog articles illustrate our approach and provide examples of projects we have supported.



We’re a team of data-obsessed synthetic biology pioneers, computer scientists, and engineers.

We have experienced the challenges of scientific research. We understand that the priority is the success of the project you are working on today. 

We have experienced the challenges of running lean operations at scale. We understand how to eliminate waste and scale-up research operations. We think that scientific creativity should be confined to the design of experiments and the interpretation of data not to the processes of collecting these data.