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About GenoFAB

An engineering platform to develop biological solutions to the world's most pressing challenges.

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Beyond discoveries

Today, biotech companies can no longer rely on accidental discoveries to develop breakthrough products. We help research organizations drive their product development efforts by implementing well-orchestrated processes that generate large amounts of high-quality data and actionable insights that inform product development.


Product development


Data collection


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Product Development

Now that it is possible to manufacture synthetic DNA designed in software, biotechnology products can be developed rather than discovered.

A DNA sequence designed in silico is a product blueprint that can be manufactured to test product prototypes. The data collected by testing the performance of product prototypes inform the improvement of the product design. 



Our clients have product expertise. They have identified market opportunities and have access to technologies allowing them to meet market needs. 

We have process expertise. We allow our clients to produce and analyze the data they need to guide their product development projects. 

Our proprietary technology makes it possible to produce more informative datasets by increasing process reproducibility.


Leadership Team

GenoFAB is a family business that emerged from the converging visions of a father and his son. The desire to find more efficient ways to engineer DNA met the desire to write software that changes the physical world. 

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Jean Peccoud, Ph.D.


Jean is both the company founder and its first client. He started the company as a way to develop the software infrastructure he needed to run his research program at Colorado State University. Since 2002, he has been at the forefront of the synthetic biology movement by adapting new computing concepts to biological research.


Samuel Peccoud

Director of Engineering

Samuel is a computer wonderboy who started programming at 10 to get out of music lessons. After cutting his teeth on the Arduino, he gained engineering experience on a variety of platforms. He joined GenoFAB as an intern and seized every opportunity to demonstrate his ability to take a leadership role in the product development.


George Fandos

VP Strategic. Dev.

George brings over 30 years of experience as a customer-facing executive and strategic consultant working with clients on innovating and delivering what matters to customers and what they notice. George has been described as bringing a strong and unique "combination of strategy with tactical/practical execution."